June – 2014


June is a good month to focus on Acceptance.

We are halfway through the year. Do you accept that? Do you accept you?

In a world where we’re bombarded by messages and opportunities for improvement, it can be difficult to accept ourselves and others right now – as we exist.  We frequently forget that our perceived imperfections are what make us special.  As a unique individual, you bring ideas to light that are yours alone; being perfectly imperfect is what makes you exceptional.

Tolerance of yourself is just as key as tolerance towards others.  It is important to remember that by interacting with people different from yourself, you are opening yourself up to new ideas that may change your outlook in very positive ways.  Think about all the times you’ve traveled or simply dined at a restaurant you hadn’t previously been to. If you never try, you’ll never know.

Here are easy tips to help you embrace and accept the world around you.

  • Go to a museum or cultural festival. Exploring the histories of different people can truly expand your views.
  • Journal about what’s unique about yourself.  Think about things that might generally be considered “hang-ups” and write about them in a positive, affirming light.
  • Go visit a different town in your state to experience a different environment today.


Carrie Severson

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