November – 2014

It’s November!  And time for our latest Tip of the Month!

Gratitude is something most everyone talks about in November.  At Severson Sisters, we actually talk about it all year long!  We incorporate gratitude into our curriculum.  We incorporate gratitude into our creative arts.

We actually have an exercise we call “Gratitude Cards!”

Our goal is to support the girls in recognizing their own actions in relationships.  Are they a good friend?  How do they know that?  What do they do for others?

This one little exercise is always positive and packed with so much purpose!

Once they are given an opportunity to see how they impact others, they are able to recognize who the really positive people are in their lives.

We have the girls pick out three people they have in their lives who are positive and answer these two questions.

Why are they positive? Super girls working
What do they do in the girls’ lives?

In our program we ask our Super Girls to make Gratitude Cards for their three positive people!  It is such a mood booster!  And so much fun!

Try this exercise at home with your Super Girl as a way to help them recognize their positive impact on others and others impact on them.


Carrie Severson



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