Ocean Waves

ocean waves 2a

Dear Super Girl:

I’m riding out the rest of the month in California!  It’s been a great week so far.

I have no meetings scheduled while I’m here.  I’m just letting the tide of the Universe take me and give to me.  It’s a little weird to be in a receiving-only kinda mode.  I think of myself as a very giving person.  While I’m here, I’m letting and allowing myself to receive.

I received total freedom and so much fun on the rides on the Santa Monica Pier!

I received a blissful afternoon catching up with a girlfriend over lunch.

I received totally peace while hiking through Malibu.

I received amazing awe while standing in the ocean.

It was in the ocean that I felt the most balanced.  Watching the waves wash over my legs, surround me, pass me up and then escape beneath my feet back out into the sea is something I’m always speechless about.

Taking these gifts with me is my goal. Letting the feeling of awe, peace, bliss and fun rule my days from here on out is my new mission.

Join me in that goal and mission.

I hope you get to ride on a Ferris Wheel today!

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!
Carrie Severson

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