October – 2014

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It’s October!  And time for our latest Tip of the Month!

And regardless of where you live, you should be feeling a little FALL rush! October means it’s a brand new season!

And as far as we’re concerned, new seasons mean fresh starts!

Write down three ways in which you can celebrate this great new season. Then, write down how you can act on each. Spend all month on your list and let it fill you up as we get ready for the holidays!

Our ways to celebrate this month are:

1. Of course CREATE something Fall-ish!
a. Make a fall card for a friend.
b. Make a fall centerpiece or place mat for a table.
c. Make fall cookies!

2. Make room for something better to come in.
a. Put away summer clothes and bring out fall clothes.
b. Reach out to a new friend.
c. Let time pass before talking to a friend who no longer offers support.

3. Take care of myself.
a. Do a little dance party in the living room by myself.
b. Stretch every morning.
c. Take deep breathes to keep calm.

What are your ways?  Write me at carrie@seversonsisters and let me know!

Carrie Severson


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