Orlou Bigelow Severson and Red Severson Scholarship Fund

Orlou Bigelow Severson & Red Severson Scholarship Fund


Background: In honor of Orlou C. (Bigelow) Severson and Red Severson’s dedication to bettering the community, the Severson Family has created a Super Girl scholarship fund in their name.

Orlou was known as ‘Ma’ to her family, friends, neighbors, nursing students and church groups.

She passed away in January 2015. Red and Orlou Severson were married for 64 years. Their relationship was built on a foundation of partnership. She and Red Severson were teachers who supported professional and personal development.

‘Ma’ Severson was a radiant Super Girl. She had an endless supply of love to give out. She enjoyed everything musical – especially singing, dancing and playing the piano. She attended the St. Cloud Minnesota School of Nursing and was employed by hospitals in Browns Valley, Buffalo, St. Cloud and Mankato, Minnesota.

Red Severson is a retired basketball coach and teacher, whose teams were highly successful, winning conference titles and championships. He is known for his motivational talks and for his corporation, Let’s Teach Basketball, Inc which has produced books, tapes and films used by high schools, colleges and universities to train teachers and coaches. He still lives in Saint Cloud, MN.

Orlou and Red raised eight children, who now live in various cities throughout Minnesota, as well as in Utah and Arizona. The Severson Family lives on throughout their 19 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren scattered throughout the United States as well.

About Severson Sisters: Severson Sisters is a non-profit organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona on a mission to inspire young girls to live their life as their authentic, awesome, super self. The Severson Sisters created a creative and supportive after school program called Super Girl.

The Super Girl Program was created to help girls “Connect to their Inner Super Girl.” The program give girls’ self-esteem enhancing tools, tips on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers and action plans on gossip, peer pressure and bullying.

Super Girl is an ongoing after school program designed around six workbooks. Each workbook is implemented on a semester basis. It’s recommended that girls meet weekly throughout the semester.

The Super Girl Program Six Workbooks are:

  • The Super Girl Guide to Respect;
  • The Super Girl Guide to Relationships;
  • The Super Girl Guide to Peer Pressure;
  • The Super Girl Guide to Competition;
  • The Super Girl Guide to Acceptance;
  • The Super Girl Guide to Body Image.

The three benefits of being a Super Girl are:

  • Receiving a self-esteem tool belt;
  • They learn how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers;
  • They identify and practice action plans to help them deal with bullying.

Severson Sisters licenses its Super Girl program and trains teachers and community leaders as Super Girl Facilitators. These Facilitators are responsible to implementing the Super Girl program.

Scholarship Guidelines: The Orlou Bigelow Severson and Red Severson Scholarship Fund is an ongoing scholarship.

The Orlou Bigelow Severson and Red Severson Scholarship Recipients will receive:

  • Training in two of the four Super Girl Guide workbooks. Recipients may choose from:
    • Super Girl Guide to Respect
    • Super Girl Guide to Relationships
    • Super Girl Guide to Peer Pressure
    • Super Girl Guide to Competition
  • 20 Super Girl program lesson plans to implement two workbook to girls throughout a school year;
  • A total of seventy (70) Super Girl Guide workbooks for 35 girls to use throughout a semester. Workbooks will be based on the recipients’ selection of workbooks to be trained in.
  • Various creative supplies to match the Super Girl curriculum. Creative supplies will vary based on recipients essay request.

Scholarship Eligibility: This scholarship fund is available to schools, community centers and non-profits throughout the United States who are interested in offering the Super Girl program to girls at their own facility throughout the school year.

How to apply: Interested recipients may apply to the Orlou Bigelow Severson and Red Severson Scholarship Fund by downloading the application below. Recipients should email in their application to carrie@seversonsisters.org.

The Founder of Severson Sisters reviews all applications and will decide who to award the scholarship to in a timely manner.

Rules: Please only submit one scholarship form per applicant per year.

Evaluation Criteria: Severson Sisters is seeking Super Girl Facilitators with the following qualities and attributes:

  • Will uphold the Severson Sisters Super Girl message with integrity, compassion, authenticity and strength;
  • Unwavering conviction in who they are as leaders and willing to share who they are with their communities;
  • See the value in inspiring others to be their best; and
  • Believe in the value of education and personal development.

Please click here for the application:  Orlou Bigelow and Red Severson Scholarship Application