Overview & Mission

                                Overview & Mission

Severson Sisters is a non-profit organization headquartered in Phoenix that empowers females in the world. Our mission is to inspire girls to live their life as their authentic, awesome, super self. Severson Sisters plays a role in the lives of Super Girls to help them become confident Super Women who will lead their communities.

  • Bullying has been an issue for decades but as of 2011, the CDC calls bullying a pervasive public health problem that requires comprehensive solutions that go beyond classroom prevention programs. It’s a community wide issue.
  • According to a report by the High Mark Foundation, a student who drops out of high school because he or she is being bullied costs society costs society $1.4 million over the course of his or her lifetime.
  • Research shows that the majority of bullying happens in middle-school. Research also shows that girls tend to engage in more social or psychological bullying, such as cyber-bullying, prank calling, spreading rumors, teasing or belittling.
  • The American Medical Association states that victims of bullying may later find themselves in abusive relationships, struggle with long-term depression and self-esteem issues. And bullies may develop criminal behavior in adulthood, have trouble holding down a job and fail at maintaining positive close relationships.
  • Workplace Bullying Institute surveyed more than 4,000 adults in 2010 and asked questions around bullying. The results showed:   

o   35% of the U.S. workforce (an est. 53.5 million Americans) report being bullied at work; an additional 15% witness it. 

o   Both men and women bully, but the majority of bullying is same-gender     harassment, which is mostly legal according to anti-discrimination laws and workplace policies. Women target women in the workplace.

  • Bullying is four times more common than either sexual harassment or racial discrimination on the job.  To date, no U.S. state has passed an anti-bullying law for the workplace.
  • Severson Sisters and its Super Girl program utilize creative arts as a tool to encourage girls to embrace their inner “Super Girl”, rather than buying into the negativity of bullying.  Everything we do is focused on helping girls find their positive attitude through activities such as our “Power Word” exercise, the “Star and Wish” exercise, “Super Girl Promises”, “Personal Promises,” and journaling, in addition to our core principle exercises. Girls leave our program with a powerful combination of social skills, confidence, and tools for avoiding and defeating bullying. 

To support Severson Sisters, please contact us directly at 855-5-SISTER (855-574-7837).