Girls can support one another without bullying each other. Every girl is a super girl and every girl is connected to one another in this great big web of sisterhoods.

Our goal is to guide girls as they realize how to love themselves and treat one another with great respect. By doing this, girls learn how to nurture powerful and healthy relationships in life. This is how Severson Sisters believes they will decrease bullying – by enhancing girls to be SUPER!

Severson Sisters has worked with 500 girls ages 7–17 since launching in January 2011. Out of the 500, 150 of them have been surveyed with pre and post surveys written by experts within the Advisory Board. The surveys were focused on their self-esteem and bullying.

100% believed they learned one tactical way to deal with bullying during our program
94.4% believe the program increased their self-esteem
88.9% believe they learned how to work better with girls
77.7% of the girls have already tried out their bullying solution method at school

Severson Sisters has 40 trained volunteers in Phoenix and has developed ongoing partnerships with the Cactus Pine Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and Child Crisis Center.

Long Term Vision of Severson Sisters

While Severson Sisters is headquartered in Phoenix, the vision for the organization is national. A national reach gives us the opportunity to shine our light on the path of as many girls as possible. We are working with our partner agencies and organizations to offer our program to girls. As funding permits, we will expand our program throughout school districts as an after-school program.

To offer a solution to parents throughout the country, Severson Sisters is currently working on a series of parent-daughter workbooks, which will allow us to offer more help to households around the country.

In 2013, we aim to expand our reach to work with girls within our partner agencies in Tucson and Flagstaff.

By our 5th year milestone, we aspire to be a regional organization working with our partner agencies in the Southwest.

Our long-term goal is to work with millions of girls worldwide.

Be a part of our growth and our success.