Media Kit

Media Kit

Press Releases

Severson Sisters Super Girl Facilitator Scholarship Sponsor:
Become a Super Girl Facilitator Scholarship Sponsor Press Release 

Severson Sisters Super Girl Facilitator Training:                 Super Girl Facilitation Training Press Release Oct 25 2013         

Severson Sisters Dream Big Summer Camp:                       Dream Big Summer Camp 2013

Junior Super Girl Ambassador Alliance Summer Camp – Press Release:
Junior Super Girl Ambassador Alliance Summer camp                                        

Super Girl Guide Radio Show – Press Release:                              Introducing C&C for SGG The Radio Show

Royal Neighbors of America Grant – Press Release:

Willis Grant – Press Release:

Severson Sisters & Voice America Kids Radio Looking for Hosts – Press Release:

Super Girl Guide to Respect – Press Release:
Super Girl Guide to Respect.pdf

AAAME Class 15 Press Release

Super Girl Ambassadors:
Super Girl Ambassadors.pdf                       Super GirlFashion Show 9/28/12:
Fashion Show Press Release.pdf

Super Girl Guide to Respect – Best Selling Author:

Empire West Title Agency Fundraiser:

Super Girl Event Sept 4-27, 2012:



Faces of Diversity Brown Bag Series2013 Faces of Diversity Brown Bag Series

Welcome Letter:
Welcome Letter.pdf

Severson Sisters Background:

Severson Sisters Overview:

How Your Donation is Spent:

Carrie Severson’s Bio:

Non-Verbal Bullying Solutions:
Non-Verbal Bullying Solutions.pdf

Verbal Bullying Solutions:
Verbal Bullying Solutions.pdf

Pack Bullying Solutions:
Pack Bullying Solutions.pdf

Letter from Rep David Schweikert:
Congressman Letter.pdf

Letter from the Girl Scouts:
Girl Scouts.pdf

Severson Sisters Benefit:

Super Girl Ambassadors:
Super Girl Ambassadors.pdf

Letter from a Super Mom:
A Super Mom.pdf

Letter from City of Mesa:
City of Mesa.pdf

Letter from a Super Girl and her Super Mom:
Super Girl and Super Mom.pdf

Community Response:

Morgan James Book Deal Letter:
Morgan James.pdf

Sally Hansen Donation Letter:
Sally Hansen Donation.pdf

Severson Sisters Super Girl Packages:
Super Girl Packages.pdf

Severson Sisters Super Woman Packages:
Super Woman Packages.pdf