Super Girl Program

               Severson Sisters Super Girl Program Overview

The Super Girl Program gives girls’ skills and tools necessary to serve as positive role models in the community. The program focuses on three elements: Self-esteem enhancing tools, tips on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers and action plans on how to handle bullying situations in life that match their personality.

Severson Sisters believes they will decrease bullying – by enhancing Super Girls.

The Super Girl program is structured around six core principals, each developed into 10-week modules. Super Girl Facilitators are trained by Severson Sisters to lead their own Super Girl program in their community.

Each of these six themes is developed in a step-by-step 10-week module that Super Girl Facilitators are able to implement on their own week-by-week.

The six modules that make up the Super Girl program are:

  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Healthy Body Image
  • Peer Pressure
  • Competition
  • Relationships

Super Girl Facilitators are encouraged to meet with their Super Girls each week for two-hours.

Example weekly activities are:

  • The Super Girl Guide to Respect Workbook;
  • Skits and Role playing – response to skits;
  • Discussion about real-life school experiences;
  • Conversations/solutions around cyber bullying;
  • A true understanding about the bullying solutions that Severson Sisters offers;
  • How to instill positive sisterhoods in schools; and
  • Confidence and compassion leadership exercises.

The Super Girl program is a mobile program that was developed by an Advisory Board of educators, social workers and psychologists.

To become a Super Girl Facilitator: Call Carrie Severson at 855-5-SISTER ext. 1. Or email

Super Girl Facilitator Forms (Just click on the links below to get to the forms):

Super Girl Facilitator Enrollment Form 2 11 2014

Super Girl Facilitator Scholarship Application 1 17 2014 Update

Super Girl Facilitator FAQ 2 11 2014