Super Girl in DC

Super Girl in DC 2

Dear Super Girl:

I was in DC last week for the first time.  I was actually more emotional than I thought I would be.

I should have known going into the week I’d be emotional.  I have a number of friends who have served – both men and women.  And I’m super duper proud of them all.  And I do come close to crying whenever I hear the Star-Spangled Banner.

Still, I was surprised the history of our country took a hold of me so strongly last week. And, of course, it had to do with you.  I didn’t get emotional until I visited the Archives of the United States building.  In this one section is the “Records of Rights” section.

The section for Women’s Rights caught my attention.  There’s a letter written by a woman and addressed to John Adams.  She begged him to remember the women.

Some folks don’t believe we’ve come very far in the Women’s Rights conversation.  I’m an optimist.  We’ve come far AND we have a long way to go.

Walking around the White House last week gave me a sense of peace.  I couldn’t attach myself to the number of protestors and the number of reasons they were protesting.  All I could think about was the fact that someday one of you Super Girls will be our President.  I know it.  Who knows, maybe more than one of you will be our President!

Women like me do what we do each day so girls like you have space to soar starting today.

Let me know when you get to the White House. I’d love to meet you.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for an empowering kinda day!
Carrie Severson

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