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At Severson Sisters we hear many amazing and inspirational stories about our Super Girls and Super Women every day – and we wanted to share those amazing stories and media with you!  Just click on the text below to experience the stories of each of these amazing young ladies, who are truly Super Girls!

A Message from Our Founder – Super Woman Carrie Severson!

 Severson Sisters Super Girl Story – A Super Girl Named Terese
Terese’s Video
 Severson Sisters Super Girl Gillian – Video Story


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Arizona Gives Day

Dear Super Girl:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on our site. So much has happened in 2015 already and it’s only March!

We’re growing in Wisconsin and we’re so excited about that. We’re not growing in Arizona and we’re a little nervous about that. We’re not growing because schools don’t have the budget to buy Super Girl. We’re nervous about that because Arizona is one of the worst states in the country to raise a girl in.

We’re doing all we can to raise money to give Super Girl to schools. And we’re asking for your support to join us in that effort on April 7.

It’s Arizona Giving Day on April 7th. Now more than ever, your investment means the world to girls in the Valley.

Join us by pledging to give girls a chance to deepen their self-respect and form positive relationships. Join us by donating to help us continue to inspire girls to live their lives as their awesome, authentic super selves.

With a $25 donation, we will be able to purchase one workbook for one girl to use throughout a semester of Super Girl. Our goal is to raise $10,500 on April 7th so we can give three Valley schools one year’s worth of Super Girl. With that money we can improve the lives of 90 girls over the course of a year. All those 90 girls will receive 30 full hours of our Super Girl program. They’ll receive both our workbooks and the teachers will receive all 20 of our lesson plans.

You can take a stand with us at

The girls love our Super Girl program. Every day Severson Sisters is making a Dream Boardsdifference in the lives of girls in our state through its Super Girl program.

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for a very special day!

Carrie Severson

Want me to create inspiring content for your audience on a regular basis? I’d love to! Words are my Super Power!

Email me today at and let’s start!