For Super Girls

Tips for boosting your self-esteem:

  • Every girl is special. No one is the same. Those special qualities about yourself are what make YOU a super girl. We want you to grab a pen and a notebook and write down one thing that makes you special every day. That one thing is what makes you a super girl that day. It will change every day.
  • Every time you compare yourself to another girl write down and read out loud something positive you love about yourself and something positive you love about your life. Make sure it’s something different every time too. Get used to expanding your list. Have fun with it and make this a habit you and your parent do together.
  • Create a dream board with your parent. Flip through magazines with your parents and tear out images and words you like. Talk about each image. Why do you like it? What’s it mean to you? Is it important or just something small in your life? Do your friends like it too? Do you feel pressured to like it because they do? Answer all of these questions with your parent as you create your own dream board. Dream boards provide great inspiration for who we will become. Make this a monthly task and have fun with it. Let the conversation flow!
  • Afterschool activities boost confidence and a good way to make new friends. Find a program that fits your interests and ask to get enrolled. And as your interests change each year, be sure to look at the programs you’re enrolled in. Do they continue to make you happy? You should always be engaged in something you’re passionate about every school year.
  • Love your body. You only get the one you have so be kind, loving, gentle and courteous to it.  Loving our bodies comes down to forming positive and healthy habits for the mind, body and soul. Your positive affirmations and dream board are health habits for your mind and soul. The afterschool activity could be a healthy habit for your body depending on the activity. You do need to form a healthy relationship with your body. Ask your parent to teach you how to make meals from ingredients bought at a local farmer’s market. By learning how to cook healthy meals for yourself, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls with body image issues as you continue to grow. By fueling your body with wholesome foods you will feel better, which sparks great self-esteem.
  • Girls are busy! But, whether it’s a weekly or bi-weekly routine, dedicate time for your personal interests that you can work on at home. By creating something for yourself you have the opportunity to shine and display your individuality without worrying about peer influence that might stifle your sparkly self. Who knows, maybe this can be a fun project the entire household can get into!

Here are a few tips to help you in a bullying-situation.

  • Nobody can take your power away from you. You can handle anything that comes into your path. When someone bullies you pick three words that make you feel good about yourself and repeat them to yourself.

“I am beautiful!”
“I am powerful!”
“I am kind!”

  • Remember that when someone bullies you, he or she is going through something in their own life that causes them pain. Focus on all the cool things in your life. And when  someone tries to make you feel bad – take deep breaths and walk away, knowing you have NOTHING to do with their feelings.
  • It is important to surround ourselves with positive, powerful, peers. Make good choices in who you are  friends with. These kids are the ones who will help you stand up to the bully and help you avoid him/her until the situation is resolved. Sometimes you’ll have to do this by joining a new group or organization so enlist your parents help in finding the right program for you.