For Super Parents

Tips for Super Parents

1) Teach children the power of self-esteem. Nobody can take power away from your child. Your child can handle anything. Provide your child with a few positive promises that he/she can repeat to him/herself to help deal with situations. “I can handle anything.” “I’m beautiful, powerful and in charge of my life.” We also talk about qualities that make up a bully and the value that quality has in our participants life.

2) We put emphasis on the importance of surround ourselves with positive, powerful, peers. Create friends with these kids and stick with them. These kids are the ones who will help you stand up to the bully and help you avoid him/her until the situation is resolved. Sometimes you’ll have to do this by joining a new group or organization so enlist your parents help in finding the right program for you.

3) First thing kids have to do is tell the bully to stop. They must stand up for themselves. “You know what, don’t do that. It’s not cool.” Practice this with your child. Practice makes perfect, after all.

4) After Second suggestion is for your child to walk away calmly as if he/she has all the confidence in the world.

5) Remind your child to avoid the bully by creating a new route to their locker or next class.

6) Kids have to tell an adult they trust. They must be very specific about how this person made them feel. Did they feel threatened, scared, angry? These are important feelings to bring up adults. Everyone has to be in the know about what’s happening at school. It’s the only way that bully’s parents/guardians/teachers are going to know to watch that kids behavior and address changes that have to happen.

These web sites offer resources and additional tools for you as a parent of a child who is experiencing a bullying-situation.

Stop Bullying

One of our favorite web sites is It hosts information for parents, teachers, teens and kids. It highlights cyberbullying, name calling, warning signs for bullying and much more.   

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center

We’re HUGE fans of Pacer’s! October is National Bullying Awareness Month and Pacer has been the sponsor for years. This web site has great ideas for you to show your dedication in preventing bullying. This web site hosts wonderful resources for all of us. Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center is in Minnesota.