What Friendship Looks Like Now



Dear Super Girl:

This past week I existed in Southern California and it was really beautiful. I moved in to a great friend’s apartment while she was on vacation. I took care of her babies (two kitties) and emerged myself in day-to-day life of living near the beach.

Being there was a great opportunity for me to totally relax and receive love from the Universe. The ocean is a very peaceful, serene place for me. I submerged myself in the ocean many, many days of my stay. I loved every second of it and received so much from my experience.

It’s been a while since I totally relaxed and tucked away the Super Girl cape just to experience life.

Not working and hustling for 10 days was great for me, not great for the organization. It’s healthy for me to stop working every now and again. Unfortunately, Severson Sisters still exists and requires financial support to support girls even if I’m on vacation.

While I was refueling my soul, releasing pent up energy and emotions and receiving from California, bills came in for Severson Sisters.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to pay them right now. And as such, we’re unable to afford my paycheck.

I was submerged in the ocean, in awe of how peaceful it felt to go with the flow of the current. Afterward, I sat on the beach and watched the sun set on the day. I did my best to stop the concern about how I was going to afford the gas to drive home, buy groceries and pay an upcoming bill without a paycheck coming in.

I meditated the morning I was scheduled to head back to the Valley and begged God for help. My friend who I was house sitting for saw me crying and asked if I would let her help me by offering me money to get home.

It’s been a while since I’ve personally been in this financial sticky-spot. And thanks to California, I’ve paid my bill, have gas in my car, and groceries at my home.

It was such a beautiful gift and I’m so very grateful. My dearest friends get to see the behind-the-scene elements of what I’ve personally been through the last four years. These days, my friendships look and feel so different than they did five years ago.

There’s real beauty and vulnerability within each meeting. I hug people tighter these days and allow others to hug me tighter. Our conversations are about more than our jobs. We do talk about families and jobs – AND all the juicy stuff we’re still looking forward to experiencing…like learning how to surf.

Super Girl, make sure you take a look at your friendships. Do they feel like you’re submerged in the ocean going with the current? I sure hope so!

Sending you all my very best Super Girl energy for an empowering kinda day!

Carrie Severson


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